PublikDemand Launches Free Complaint Hotlines for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Comcast, Bank of America and 27 other companies.

After an overwhelming response to the launch of the PublikDemand Complaint Hotline last month, we are excited to announce indivual complaint hotlines for the top 33 most complained about companies on the web.

Simply call the free hotline number and an automated operator will walk you through the steps of documenting your incident by simply leaving a voice message. Your recording will be used to generate a complaint page that is immediately shared with the company via email, Facebook or Twitter.

This service is provided to help consumers get a response as quickly and easily as possible from companies that may have otherwise ignored their cries for help. A recorded message is a powerful way to share the full details and impact of your experience with a company.

You can receive the link to your documented complaint and a copy of your voice recording by leaving your email address in your voice message. We have received over 60 calls in the last 48 hours and are excited to spread the word about this new tool for making your voice heard.

Did we miss a company? Tell us what additional complaint hotlines you would like to see.

Telecom Complaint Hotlines by PublikDemand

  • AT&T Complaint Hotline : +1-888-979-9704
  • Comcast Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9602
  • MetroPCS Communications Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9674
  • Sprint Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9717
  • T-Mobile Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9841
  • Time Warner Cable Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9605
  • Verizon Wireless Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9720
  • DirecTV Group: +1-888-979-9672

Bank and Financial Services Complaint Hotlines by PublikDemand

  • American Express Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9857
  • Bank of America Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9606
  • Chase Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9721
  • Wells Fargo Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9608
  • Citigroup Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9860
  • Countrywide Financial Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9873
  • Fidelity National Financial Complaint Hotline: +1-888-983-7316
  • GMAC: +1-888-979-9718
  • H&R Block Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9816
  • M&T Bank Corp Complaint Hotline.: +1-888-979-9604
  • Morgan Stanley Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9820
  • Prudential Financial Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9620
  • SunTrust Banks Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9621
  • T. Rowe Price Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9807
  • U.S. Bancorp Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9814
  • Wachovia Corp.: +1-888-979-9772
  • Washington Mutual Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9740
  • Capital One Financial Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9609

Airline Complaint Hotlines by PublikDemand

  • American Airlines Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9550
  • Continental Airlines Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9579
  • Delta Air Lines Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9525
  • PayPal Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9719
  • United Airlines Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9698
  • US Airways Group Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-9863

Retail Complaint Hotlines by PublikDemand

  • Apple Complaint Hotline: +1-888-979-7281