Bank of America Refuses to Send Military Member New Debit Card

As reported by the Consumerist, Bank of America customer Brett had his debit card compromised by an unspecified merchant. He was only notified of the compromise after contacting Bank of America, which told him a new card had already been issued.

Brett, a military member, was currently deployed in Afghanistan without access to the new card. After telling Bank of America this, the corporation said it would promptly FedEx the card to his Army Post Office address. After waiting two weeks, Brett visited a FedEx location and asked if the carrier had made a mistake. FedEx said no package had been received.

Once again Brett contacted Bank of America and this time was told the corporation didn’t ship to APO addresses. To make matters worse, Brett realized he had used the compromised card for a month.

Due to Bank of America’s misinformation, Brett had no access to his money. This forced him to cancel a vacation to Thailand. He was also unable to obtain a refund for the plane ticket since it was purchased with the compromised card.