Bank of America Refuses to Accept Mother’s Death

Reported by The Consumerist, a Bank of America customer named Matt spent eight weeks wrestling with the bank trying to explain that his mother had recently passed and that he needed to discuss her mortgage. During the initial conversation, Bank of America told Matt that they could only speak to his mother since she was the only one listed on the mortgage. Even after explaining that his mother had passed several times, the bank refused to talk with him. Frustrated, he gave up.

Things only got worse when Matt tried calling later. The new representative Matt spoke to requested he send in his mother’s death certificate to prove she had passed. He did so only to have Bank of America lose the certificate. They then lost the second and third copies he sent them. Finally, after sending the fourth copy, the bank said they had the certificate on file.

Sadly, this didn’t get Matt anywhere as Bank of America’s internal debt collectors began contacting him asking for his mother’s missed mortgage payments. He called to clear things up and once again the bank said they could only speak with his mother.

Eventually, Matt was able to talk with someone of authority. He explained that a death certificate was sent in, but the representative claimed there was no record of it. Matt told the representative to contact the mortgage department, but the representative said he couldn’t. Refusing to accept that two departments in the same corporation couldn’t communicate, he eventually persuaded the representative. The representative then confirmed that the bank had the certificate, but that didn’t stop the calls.

An attorney called and asked if Matt was being harassed by the bank. He responded and a Cease & Desist was placed on Bank of America. Matt hasn’t heard from the bank’s collection department since the placement of the order.

Still the issue wasn’t resolved. Matt sent a letter of testamentary to Bank of America stating that an executor had been appointed to handle his mother’s mortgage. Like before, Bank of America lost three copies of the letter. After more phone wrestling, the bank finally agreed to speak with Matt about the mortgage.

Even now, things aren’t completely wrapped up with Bank of America as Matt continues to deal with lingering problems.