AT&T Threatens Matt Spaccarelli With Termination of Service If He Doesn’t Stop Talking

This morning I received the following email from Matt Spaccarelli. AT&T is threatening Matt with termination of service if he refuses to settle with the company and sign a confidentiality agreement.

AT&T is refusing to enter into discussion with Matt until the following confidentiality agreement is signed. View the actual letter from AT&T here.

Matt has chosen to continue fighting until AT&T changes their policy and gives him and everyone else the service they are paying for. Please support Matt and help force AT&T to stop throttling customers. Sign Publik vs. AT&T.

On Friday I received a letter from AT&T threatening to cut off my service if I disclosed the fact that they are willing to talk about a settlement. Here is a part of what the letter said.

Your data usage demonstrates that you have tethered your wireless device in violation of the plain terms of your wireless customer agreement, which makes clear that a data plan may not be used to tether unless it is “specifically designated for tethering usage” as you know, your plan does not permit tethering and you have previously agreed not to use your plan to tether.

As a result of your tethering, AT&T has the right to terminate your service.

Nevertheless, and as we discussed, AT&T is interested in hearing any concerns you would like to raise about AT&T, and AT&T wants to discuss with you the concerns it has about your data usage. It appears that both you and AT&T would like to reach a mutually agreeable resolution of these issues. As I explained, when parties engage in settlement discussions, it is customary that both sides agree the conversations will be kept private and confidential, in order to allow for productive and frank discussions. You agreed that we can engage in further discussions on a private and confidential basis.

You further understand that AT&T will rely upon this agreement in authorizing me to discuss a resolution with you and that, if you violate the terms of this agreement, AT&T will begin the process of terminating your service based on the violations described above.

I’m not understanding what they are asking for. I thought I won. Pay me or lose on appeal!!

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Matt Spaccarelli

Please click here to view the agreement that AT&T has asked Matt to sign.

AT&T just sent over a statement to TechCrunch concerning Matt Spaccarelli.

Mr. Spaccarelli reached out to us to initiate a discussion, and naturally, we responded to him to hear what was on his mind and discuss his data usage. Mr. Spaccarelli has said he tethers a second device to his smartphone, which is something that our unlimited data plans don’t allow. For customers who tether, we have plans that allow them to do just that.

Here is the official response from PublikDemand.

  1. Matt won his case in small claims court against AT&T on 2/24
  2. Following the judgement in his favor, AT&T did not contact Matt, they made a statement to the media.
  3. Matt contacted AT&T to request his money, the response which
    you can listen to here.
  4. AT&T is not upset about tethering, they are upset Matt is refusing to settle and continue to talk to the media and increasing the chance of a continue viral nightmare.
  5. AT&T: Stop throttling unlimited data customers!